Awra Briguela Pulls off a Stunning Performance As Mommy Dionisia In ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’

Many are entertained by the hit celebrity musical competition how ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ which airs on ABS-CBN.

Today’s episode was filled with laughter and amusement thanks to Awra Briguela’s stunning performance as Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao!

Awra as Mommy Dionisia sang Miley Cyrus’ hit single, “Wrecking Ball” which made the audience cheer loudly. Even the judges couldn’t help but be amazed of his performance.

As Awra went out, you’ll immediately see his resemblance from Mommy Dionisia. When he started singing and dancing, the judges couldn’t believe he was able to pull off such a captivating performance.

Check out Awra’s performance below and judge for yourself if he really looks, speaks and moves like Mommy Dionisia!

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