Huli Cam: Traffic Enforcer Asked For "Areglo" Of P2000 Because The Violator Was A Foreigner

A Filipina posted a video where she and her foreign boyfriend were asked by a traffic enforcer P2000 pesos for “areglo.”

A Facebook user named Ernalyn Gacosta Eugenio posted a video where a traffic enforcer somewhere in Manila blatantly extorted P2000 from them for violating the color coding regulation.

When a driver is caught driving in the streets while they should have been covered by the color coding for the day, the protocol is for the traffic enforcer to confiscate the driver’s license and then let him claim and pay the fees in the office.

However, in this video, when the driver was asked for his license and he did not want to surrender it. It appeared that the enforcer asked if it is ok to have an agreement or “areglo.”

The couple were in a hurry and were determined to go about their way soon. So they said yes.

The video started with the officer somewhere in front of their car writing their ticker.

When he came back, he gave the ticket violation and asked to have the P2000 inside his notepad.

Meanwhile, when the driver got the ticket, he was asking the enforcer where it was stated that he paid P2000.

We all know that the enforcer can’t write that up because that was for him and not in the law.

This is where the enforcer dug his own hole. “That is areglo.”

This means he will not get the license if they give them something.

Watch the video here:

Source: Ernalyn Gacosta/Facebook

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