Krizette Chu Open Letter to Grace Poe: “I blame you for this horrendous traffic”

Krizette Laureta Chu couldn’t help but air her anger and blame Senator Grace Poe for the horrendous traffic that we have in the Philippines.

According to global surveys, Metro Manila has the worst traffic in the world considering the severity and the frequency of the traffic jams. It also topped the survey for the longest commute from home to the office with an astonishing average of almost 50 minutes.

Motorist Nightmare

The Philippine government have proposed and done several initiatives in the hope of easing the traffic in the metro.

Aside from increasing the number of traffic enforcers plying the traffic-prone areas, they also asked the help of the Highway Patrol Group and even the Philippine National Police to help untangle the monstrous traffic in the country.

Blame Game

A netizen recently made headlines when she blamed Senator Grace Poe for the terrible traffic we are all experiencing.

On a Facebook post by netizen Krizette Laureta Chu, the senator was terribly inefficient and her indecision to immediately grant emergency powers to the president which could have allowed the president to directly enter in contracts and negotiate procurement deals that would alleviate the traffic problem.

Never Easy

The senator explained that it was never easy to swiftly decide on giving the president the emergency power that he is asking for, especially thinking about the budget needed for his big and ambitious infrastructure projects, which is estimated to cost trillions of pesos.

The netizen somehow gave a consolation remark to the senator that while she blamed her for her inadequacy to allay the traffic woes of our country, her firm resolves to refuse Mar Roxas’ plan for her to give up her presidential aspirations so that he can get her votes is something to be grateful for.

Krizette’s Post

Dear Grace Poe, just so you know I blame you for this horrendous traffic. For every time I am late not because I dont keep good time but because Ive been used to saving a certain number of hours for my trip, only to see Waze adjusting my ETA for another hour. ANOTHER HOUR! Not minutes, but hour long adjustments!

And dont tell me to leave my home earlier. It is unjust to ask of anyone to prepare three hours for what is, without traffic, a 30 minute trip, and with the usual traffic, an hour and half trip.

I blame you because you are indecisive and inefficient, and because you couldnt decide swiftly when Duterte asked for emergency powers.

i will remind everyone how incapable you are especially because you’re up for reelection next year and I dont want to pay you anymore with my tax money. If it were up to me Id have fired you long ago.

Now if you dont want the blame and the wrath of the Filipino people, and want to transfer the blame on someone else, then give Duterte emergency powers, so that if it doesnt work out, you are off the hook and we can blame the President himself.

Sobrang pahirap. How unfair it is that we suffer because you have no backbone. How unfair that your indecision and politicking is costing us time we could never ever get back. Time we could have spent with people we love, time for our family, our children, time we could use to watch movies, shop, contribute to the economy, exercise, indulge in hobbies, time we could actually use to live our lives.

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu/Facebook

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