LOOK: IT Expert Speaks About Electoral Fraud, Slams Comelec-Smartmatic During Senate Hearing

The second Senate hearing for the Comelec Fraud investigation was conducted this morning August 6, 2018. In the said meeting, the people were expecting to hear another expose from Atty. Glenn Chong who revealed the said election fraud during the first hearing.

However, today, Chong was not given the opportunity to speak his side, and the other senators blatantly ignored him.

IT Expert

An IT expert, Edmundo Casiño, who was also in attendance was given time to speak. Casiño mentioned that what happened in the case of Bong Bong Marcos was direct tampering and that the counting should have been stopped when they notice that there was an insertion happening in the middle of the live production run. He said that the final result should have been the outcome of the counting before the tampering happened.

IT Expert Edmundo Casiño/Photo credit to polbits

His Anger

Casiño cannot stop himself from saying his mind about what he felt about what is going on.

“I’m sorry but this thing is.. we’re looking like fools in this body. We are experts in this field. We represent among ourselves 1,000,500 IT professionals in the country. We know our business and we know our trade. And the rest of the people here act as if they know what they’re talking about. And the problem is that they don’t know what they are talking about. They are just being led by this vendor, a foreigner, for that matter whose nationality is not even a Filipino,” Casiño said.

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