LOOK: Mocha’s “Real Talk” To VP Leni’s Tirade Is An Ultimate “In Your Face” Comeback

Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson, who is widely known to never back down from her detractors, did not disappoint her millions of followers when she fired back a nasty response to the tirade posted by Vice President Leni Robredo.

The Tirade from the Vice President

Leni Robredo, the country’s vice president and a known critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, issued a strong statement saying that Mocha Uson’s controversial video not only tarnished the president’s reputation but the whole Filipino people.

The Fiery Retaliation

Mocha Uson obviously didn’t take the VP Robredo’s statement sitting down, she immediately issued an equally strong response on social media that the most despicable act of fooling the Filipino people is by stealing their votes.

This is in reference to the alleged anomalies in the 2016 vice presidential elections where VP Robredo and the whole administration machinery allegedly cheated for her to win the VP seat.

The Netizens Response

We must remember the adage that if we are living in the glass house, we should not be casting the first stone.

That is what the vice president should bear in mind when she is thinking of maligning someone else’s reputation.

The netizens were quick to judge and you can see for yourself what they have to say.

Source: Facebook

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