LOOK: Nagpakilalang Pulis Hindi na Nagbayad Pinakulong pa ng Talong Araw ang Taxi Driver Sinakyan

A taxi driver is asking for help from the netizens to pinpoint an arrogant police that jailed him for three days without paying his fare just because he wanted to start a new flag down for two different locations.

Two Locations

The driver, Rodrigo Banguiran posted two videos on his feed, asking for people to identify the passenger who introduced himself as a policeman.

In the first video, the police can be seen boarding the taxi with a woman. According to the driver, the two came from Queensland Motel.

In the second video, the girl was not there anymore. It can be understood that they dropped off the girl somewhere and the policeman continued the trip to go to his destination.

LTFRB mandate

The policeman in the second video, who is already alone is grabbing the collar of the driver, forcing him to stop at the police station.

At that point, the argument is already heating up and the policeman allegedly refused to pay the fare and the new flag down after dropping off the girl.

According to the driver, he was jailed by the policeman for three days and still did not pay the fare.

The grounds in which he was jailed is still unknown, it may be a form of taking advantage by the police.


Sinong nakakakilala nitong abusadong pulis? Kinulong ako ng 3 araw at hindi ako binayaran ng pamasahe. Panoorin niyo ang video at kayo na humusga!! P.s. Galing sila sa Queensland Motel

Here are the videos:

Here is what LTFRB’s mandates about the 1 trip 1 flag down policy:

Source: Rodrigo Banguiran/Facebook

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