LOOK: Pinaliwanag ng blogger na ito kung bakit nasa panganib ang bansa dahil kay VP Leni

Throughout her term, Vice President Leni Robredo has been getting cheers and jeers for her statements about the current Duterte administration. While she is enjoying favorable response in the recent SWS survey, there are still some people who are doubting her capability as the second most powerful public servant.

One of them is pro-Duterte and anti-Liberal party blogger Ilda Ignacio. In her recent column for Duterte and Marcos-leaning political website Get Real Philippines, she explained that Leni as the country’s vice president is a threat to Filipinos.

She explained in her article titled “Filipinos are not safe while current VP Leni Robredo is in power,” that Leni is using her “woman card” to deflect criticisms to her. Ilda said that this is unfair to men who are also receiving unwanted attention.

Ilma slammed Robredo for making it sound like only women are receiving hates and threats under the Duterte administration. When in fact, according to Ilma, men are also receiving the same type of messages but they are being ignored.

For example, Ilma said, lawyer Darwin Cañete received threats online because of his pro-Duterte beliefs. He even received messages that some people will come to his house to take his whole family’s life.

Unlike Leni, Ilma said that Darwin did not receive the same protection from the mass from the threats because he is a guy. She added that Leni is “always making herself a victim”.

Leni was also using her power in a bad way, Ilma reiterated. For example, she put the government and the Philippine National Police in a bad light to the international community.

“While Robredo is claiming that women are not safe in today’s world anymore, the truth is, Filipinos are not safe while Robredo is in power because she is using her position to destabilize the Philippines and she is inspiring her supporters to harm innocent people,” Ilda said.

She added that “instead of apologizing for her errors, Robredo stubbornly sticks to her guns and denies them even when what she said was on the record.”

“It goes to show that she is more concerned about her image and her ego than serving the people. This is not just bad for the women she claims to represent; it is bad for the entire population of the Philippines.” Ilda said.

Robredo, on the other hand, said that she will focus on her anti-poverty projects and not read criticisms from pro-Duterte bloggers like Mocha Uson and probably Ilda.

Source: PinoyTrend

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